Head of "Additive Manufacturing and Robotic Fabrication" - Design by Data Advanced Master

Minh Man Nguyen is a civil engineer from ESTP (Paris), graduated architect from both France (ENSA Paris La Villette) and USA (Georgia Tech). He now teaches a class on the use of digital tools at Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture. At ENSA Paris-Malaquais School, he coordinates the digital tools workshops and teaches studios in the Digital Knowledge department.

He cumulated 10 years of professional experience in numerous firms, including the Atlanta firm Mack Scogin Merill Elam Architecture. He also joined the structural engineering office RFR, located in Paris, where he especially worked in the “Complex Geometry” department, among others. There, he contributed to the University of Vienna research program about optimization algorithms and their application in architecture, and additionally worked on highly sophisticated shapes, such as the LVMH Fundation. In 2011, Minh Man Nguyen co-founded the architecture firm WAO. He also co-founded WoMa, la fabrique de quartier in early 2014, a place promoting the collaborative use of skills, tools, and work.


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