He's currently holding an Associate Professor position at the department of Materials Science & Engineering at CNAM, which is a higher education institution located in Paris, France. His research is conducted within the PIMM laboratory, which is a research center shared between CNAM, Arts & Metiers-ParisTech and CNRS. His interest focuses on the understanding and development of metallic architectured materials for structural applications. On his spare time, he co-founded XtreeE, which is a startup company dealing with the integration of advanced digital processes in architectural design and construction.

Specialties: Homogenization, materials, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, modeling, design, structures, architectured materials, aeronautics, composites, fabrics, multiscale simulation.

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  • I am a fan in large scale big printing. Hope to visit XtreeE very soon.
    Btw, is concrete the best choice to use in large-scale 3D printing?

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