XenoCells // Wonderlab 2015

November 18, 2015By Domenico Di SienaBiodesign, Computational Design No Comments

by Alisa Andrasek with Jong Hee Lee Feng Zhou Ningzhu Wang Column design @ at Exo Evolution ZKM (zkm.de/en/event/2015/10/globale-exo-evolution) computation: cellular division (see: andylomas.com/extra/andylomas_paper_cellular_forms_aisb50.pdf) ++ gravity// fabrication: multi-material robotic extrusion fabricated at Bartlett B-Made//


November 4, 2015By Alessandro Carabini3D Printing No Comments

A project by Hyunchul Know, Amreen Kaleel, Xiaolin Li CurVoxels is a research group in Research Cluster 4, MArch Architectural Design, Wonderlab, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, directed by Ar. Manuel Jiménez García (MArch AD WonderLab, Research Cluster4 Tutor at The Bartlett School of Architecture, London) and Ar. Gilles Retsin (MArch AD WonderLab, Research Cluster 4 Tutor at The … Read More