Active Matter Summit Sessions at MIT

December 29, 2015By Alessandro CarabiniComputational Design, Digital Manufacturing No Comments

In recent decades, developments in software and hardware technologies have created dramatic shifts in design, manufacturing and research. Software technologies have facilitated automated process and new solutions for complex problems. Computation has also become a platform for creativity through generative art and design. New hardware platforms and digital fabrication technologies have similarly transformed manufacturing, offering … Read More

Using computer algorithms in design is like “sculpting with a new material”

December 28, 2015By Alessandro CarabiniComputational Design, Digital Manufacturing, New Materials No Comments

Alessandro Zomparelli of Italian design studio MHOX, which produces customised 3D-printed fashion accessories, says designing with computer algorithms is like exploring a new material. “It’s exciting to be a designer today, because we have digital tools that allow us to create something incredible,” Zomparelli says in the the movie, which was filmed by Dezeen at … Read More

GHOST CELL – TRAILER by Antoine Delach

December 15, 2015By Alessandro CarabiniArchitecture, Computational Design No Comments

Ghost cell 3D Paris scan / more : A la fois film scientifique, documentaire et balade onirique, Ghost Cell est une plongée en relief au cœur des entrailles d’un Paris organique vu comme une cellule au travers d’un microscope virtuel. Scientific and dreamlike documentary at once, Ghost Cell is a stereoscopic plunge into the … Read More

DESIGN by DATA twitterstorm n.2

December 9, 2015By Domenico Di SienaEvents No Comments

Twitterstorm for the launch of the new Advanced Master in Computational Design and Making WHEN : Monday 14th December 11 AM – 12 AM WHERE : on Twitter ASHTAG : #designbydata PLEASE MENTION @bydatadesign ***What is a Twitterstorm? It’s about using twitter to get a viral effect that allows a very wide distribution of information. Here … Read More

Adaptive Pneumatic Shell Structures

December 8, 2015By Domenico Di SienaComputational Design, Robotics No Comments

This Master Thesis proposes to reconsider common fabrication post-processes in architectural design (surface discretization, assembly methods) by developing a novel fabrication approach that uses a flexible material that would be further actuated – at a full scale – through inflation and additive stiffening processes. The global form is undetermined and generated from the material behavior … Read More


December 7, 2015By Alessandro CarabiniComputational Design No Comments

Project Website: Ideal Standard Artists Projects: Jotta Creative Studio(London): Project Background Info: “Working with neuroscientists, we explored what goes through our minds when we encounter objects for the first time. Specifically, we looked at how our brains respond to form and function and the relationship between them. We wanted to take the … Read More