Twitterstorm for the launch of the new Advanced Master in Computational Design and Making

WHEN : Monday 14th December 11 AM – 12 AM
WHERE : on Twitter
ASHTAG : #designbydata
PLEASE MENTION @bydatadesign

***What is a Twitterstorm?
It’s about using twitter to get a viral effect that allows a very wide distribution of information. Here we are using this strategy to make known the new Advanced Master in Computational Design and Making. For more information about the master:
website >
blog >
facebook > Design By Data
twitter >
The twitterstorm event is also a good occasion to ask questions about the program, the teaching venues and the organisation of the training. DirectorFrancesco Cingolani will be availabe with some other members of the teaching staff to answer all your questions.

***How does it work?
You have to tweet quoting @byDATAdesign

You can start now.
But will be specially useful if you can tweet a few times during the twitterstorm event : 14th of December from 11 AM to 12 AM.


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