François Roche | ‘mythomaniaS’

January 22, 2016By Domenico Di SienaComputational Design No Comments

Here a video and a presentation related to our third chapter of Design By Data Live Session. In this occasion our guest was François Roche. François Roche | ‘mythomaniaS’ from Design By Data … Psychotic machines, psychotic apparatuses and frag- ments… Bodies in verse, bodies-becoming… are meeting in the stories of their symptoms… plausible. The “forbidden” is reintroduced … Read More

AADRL Spyropoulos Design Lab Project XO In Process

January 12, 2016By Alessandro CarabiniRobotics No Comments

Spyropoulos Design Lab continues its research on mobile, self-aware and assembled systems. This years emphasis pushes our hybrid soft robotic behavioural prototypes and evolutionary computational taxonomies. AADRL Spyropoulos Design Lab Project: XO Tutors: Theodore Spyropoulos, Mostafa El Sayed, Apostolis Despotidis Students: Aleksandar Bursac, Suzan Ibrahim, Lisa Kuhnhausen, Georgia Tsoli

Philippe Morel speaking about additive fabrication and computational design

January 8, 2016By Domenico Di SienaComputational Design, Digital Manufacturing No Comments

This is a recorded video of our second chapter of Design By Data Live Session. The aim is to improve our communication with you. We will have each month a live session with a Special Guest talking about Computational Design and Making Culture. In this occasion our guest was Philippe Morel speaking about additive fabrication and computational design. more info > Philippe … Read More

Twitterstorm for the launch of the new Advanced Master in Computational Design and Making

January 5, 2016By Domenico Di SienaComputational Design No Comments

WHEN : Monday 11th January 5 > 6 PM WHERE : on Twitter ASHTAG : #designbydata PLEASE MENTION @bydatadesign *** PLEASE USE THIS OPEN DOCUMENT FOR DETAILS *** ***What is a Twitterstorm? It’s about using twitter to get a viral effect that allows a very wide distribution of information. Here we are using this … Read More

One decade of Gramazio Kohler Research at ETH Zurich – The Architecture of Digital Fabrication

January 4, 2016By Alessandro CarabiniDigital Manufacturing No Comments

In 2005, the group of Gramazio Kohler Research built the world’s first robotic laboratory to explore the intersections between architecture and robotics. This endeavour has been formative for the discipline, setting precedence and de facto creating a new research field merging interests in computational design, material innovation and automated fabrication. Now, ten years later, the … Read More