Tuesday, April 11 at 1:00 p.m.: Continuous Tectonics (architecture, tectonics, computation) by Alessio Erioli, Engineer, PhD, MArch, senior researcher and assistant professor at University of Bologna, co-founder at Co-de-iT, Faculty of Design by Data (ENPC). This lecture will be given in English.

This lecture, presented as part of the “Tuesday lessons” Conference Cycle, is organized by National Architecture School of Paris Marne La Vallée in partnership with Design By Data of École des Ponts ParisTech. It will take place from the 21st February to the 9th May 2017. The conference cycle will talk about architectural & societal challenges in today’s digital age.

Conferences are open to everyone and the aim is to stimulate a critical and dynamic reflection on these subjects through testimonies in the fields of architecture, town planning, social design, engineering, Entrepreneurship and activism.

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