The future of the construction industry lays in its ability to spread the use of new tools and methods at the design stage as well as the construction stage.
How can technologies influence design? How can we adapt our mindset to this new manufacturing processes? What will be the next challenges in the future?
Come to this first “(R)evolution Day” to discover and talk about all these challenging subjects!

Skills Development, new professions and training program?

Francesco Cingolani, Director of the Design by Data Advanced Master of École des Ponts ParisTech, Architect and Professor, will take part in the (R)evolution Day introduction speech.

In the afternoon, he will also give a talk about “Skills Development, new professions and training programs?” with Frédéric Betbeder, Loic Simonin, Grégoire Dubourq and Benoit Beckers (3rd round table – from 4.00 to 5.30pm).
New technologies are leading to the development of new professions such as data scientist, computer designer… Only a few adapted training programmes are currently approaching these subjects. Therefore, there is a real need to address these questions while providing education and training. Staying constantly connected with industry and BET is also essential in order to identify the professional and initial training specific needs and stakes.

This day, organized by the Resources Center Nobatek / INEF4 and the CREAHd will also be intersperse with demonstrations of ground breaking technologies: cable robots with 3D printing operations, milling operations performed by robots, presentation of exoskeletons, drones etc.

19th of June, 2018 – 9.30 am
Générateur d’activités ARKINOVA
73 rue de Mirambeau, 64600 ANGLET

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