Design by Data is partner of the DiXite 3DPrint event

December 11, 2018By Francesco Cingolani3D Printing, Digital Manufacturing, Events, Robotics, Workshops No Comments

From the 15th to the 18th of January 2019, École des Ponts ParisTech is pleased to invite you to the DiXite 3dPrint Symposium & Workshop, a major event in additive manufacturing for the construction industry, in which the DESIGN by Data Mastère Spécialisé® – Advanced Master is heavily involved. After radically transforming the worlds of design and … Read More

Tristan GOBIN

November 15, 2018By Francesco CingolaniFaculty, Robotics No Comments

Tristan Gobin is a Director and VP of Construction Automation at HAL Robotics. Alongside his graduation as an Architect (MArch distinction) Tristan has led several architectural robotic workshops at the ENSAPM, the ENSA-Grenoble, the École des Ponts ParisTech and the UCL-Bartlett School of Architecture since 2012. He is now a PHD Candidate at GSA and … Read More

(R)evolution – Design and building: a synergy to reinvent?

May 23, 2018By Francesco CingolaniComputational Design, Events, Robotics No Comments

The future of the construction industry lays in its ability to spread the use of new tools and methods at the design stage as well as the construction stage. How can technologies influence design? How can we adapt our mindset to this new manufacturing processes? What will be the next challenges in the future? Come to this first “(R)evolution Day” … Read More

Talk “BIM and COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN Vol.3: Towards convergence?”

March 5, 2018By Francesco CingolaniComputational Design, Events, Robotics No Comments

What is BIM, What is Computational Design, What is Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and what is Design by Data ? Welcome to the third edition of this open debate around the evolution of creative practices and their impact on design, manufacture and building. This year, the talk BIM et Computational Design will highlight the relationship between designers and … Read More


February 27, 2018By Francesco CingolaniEvents, Faculty No Comments

Adrien Rigobello is a Computational Designer, Industrial Engineer & Strategic Designer based in Paris. At Ecole des Ponts ParisTech he is coordinating the Fablab & Moblab programs and advising Design by Data students during their research projects. Adrien is following the advances and prototyping methodologies of the students all along the year in order to … Read More

Design By Data Advanced Master® on air

December 4, 2017By Francesco CingolaniEvents 1 Comment

Lineweights Over Coffee podcast recently welcomed Francesco Cingolani – director of the Mastère Spécialisé® Advanced Master DESIGN by DATA at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech. Francesco, as presented in the podcast, is also the co-founder of Volumes, a collaborative coworking space in Paris that is run by a team of interdisciplinary designers that features a maker studio and a foodlab and associate professor … Read More

Robotics and architecture – SETEC

October 3, 2017By Francesco CingolaniDigital Manufacturing, Robotics No Comments

Audrey Zonco and Aymeric Perret-du-Cray, two engineers at Setec group present on this video, the contribution of robotics in architecture and construction. This reflection took place in the context of Setec Innovation competition where they won the “Vision of Future Award” prize for their project entitled “Robots on our construction sites, for the engineering of construction … Read More

Breakfast Information session for companies and press

June 20, 2017By Francesco CingolaniEvents No Comments

“What returns on investment and applications of parametric design and new technologies for building and city?” We are glad to invite you to a breakfast information session on Wednesday, June 20, 2017 around the following themes: parametric design, generative design, geometric optimization, robotics, large scale 3D printing. Interested by one of these topics and, in a … Read More