Breaking news / workshop by the androgynous New-Territories

September 2, 2016By Francesco Cingolani3D Printing, Computational Design, Digital Arts, Digital Manufacturing, Robotics, Workshops No Comments

Within the context of DESIGN by DATA Advanced Master opening next week in Paris, we are honoured to announce one of the most prestigious events of our DESIGN by DATA OFF program : The Shadows ROOM / workshop by the androgynous New-Territories (with F. Roche as his-her personal secretary) at FRAC Orléans   For more information … Read More

Cilllia – 3D Printed Hair Structures for Surface Texture, Actuation and Sensing

July 25, 2016By Stephanie Lenne3D Printing, Biodesign, Computational Design No Comments

Looking into the Nature, hair has numerous functions such as to provide warmth, adhesion, locomotion, sensing, a sense of touch, as well as it’s well known aesthetic qualities. This work presents a computational method of 3D printing hair structures. It allows us to design and generate hair geometry at 50 micrometer resolution and assign various … Read More


July 15, 2016By Stephanie Lenne3D Printing No Comments

Exhibition Video Polyomino Research – sponsored by Stratasys USC School of Architecture Polyomino – Reconsidering Serial Repetition in Combinatorics The Polyomino research seeks to breach the gap between physical and digital by crowdsourcing design in the hands of players. A VR game interface allows users allocate, rotate or remove modular units. The video … Read More

Replay Conference n°3 @ La Gaîté Lyrique with special guest Philippe Morel

June 6, 2016By Stephanie Lenne3D Printing, Digital Manufacturing, Robotics No Comments

The stakes of large scale 3D printing If 3D printing – or additive manufacturing – represents a set of mature technologies in many industries now it still remains new and it keeps growing. For it, maturity does not mean stopping its growth, and even less the beginning of the decline. Whether in medicine or aviation … Read More

CO-DE-IT Informed Clay for Rob Arch 2016

May 13, 2016By Stephanie Lenne3D Printing, Digital Manufacturing, Robotics No Comments

A quick recap of CO-DE-IT informing matter experiments serie – exploring the possibilities of clay extrusion from a robotic arm via Grasshopper for Rhino Alessio Erioli and Andrea Graziano both co-founders of CO-DE-IT will be teaching in the DESIGN by DATA Advanced Master (starting next september in Paris). Follow for other related videos, pictures … Read More

4D Printing: Shapeshifting Architectures

March 29, 2016By Stephanie Lenne3D Printing, Biodesign, New Materials No Comments

A team at the Wyss Institute and Harvard SEAS has developed a new microscale printing method to create transformable objects. These “4D-printed” objects go a step beyond 3D printing to incorporate a fourth dimension–time. The method was inspired by the way plants change shape over time in response to environmental stimuli. This orchid-shaped structure is … Read More


November 4, 2015By Alessandro Carabini3D Printing No Comments

A project by Hyunchul Know, Amreen Kaleel, Xiaolin Li CurVoxels is a research group in Research Cluster 4, MArch Architectural Design, Wonderlab, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, directed by Ar. Manuel Jiménez García (MArch AD WonderLab, Research Cluster4 Tutor at The Bartlett School of Architecture, London) and Ar. Gilles Retsin (MArch AD WonderLab, Research Cluster 4 Tutor at The … Read More

Emergent Reefs

August 25, 2015By vernon3D Printing, Architecture No Comments

The purpose of Emergent-Reefs is to establish, through computational design strategies and machine-based fabrication, seamless relationships between three different aspects of the architectural process: generation, simulation and construction, with the intent of exploiting the expressive and tectonic potential of D-Shape technology for underwater reef formations as a design response to coastal erosion. Starting from a … Read More