Can music data be frozen into architecture?

August 27, 2015By Francesco CingolaniArchitecture, Computational Design No Comments

Jan Henrik Hansen is a Zurich-based architect/artist/designer who turns (time-based) music into (space-based) physical sculptures and architectural structures. Jan is an architect with background in music and he has been teaching and researching with well-known professors Gramazio & Kohler. The work of Jan Henrik Hansen strives to transform parameters of musical notes and rythms into forms and volumes in … Read More

Homeostatic Patterns

August 26, 2015By Alessio ErioliArchitecture, Computational Design No Comments

Homeostasis is the condition where a system reaches a dynamic balance: biologi- cal systems exhibit typical self-regulatory dynamics for morphogenetic processes that thrive on matter’s self-organization capacity through which it exhibits hierarchy and organization and which is responsible for the optimization processes that guide the efficient use of energy. Opti- mization is aimed to achieve … Read More

Emergent Reefs

August 25, 2015By vernon3D Printing, Architecture No Comments

The purpose of Emergent-Reefs is to establish, through computational design strategies and machine-based fabrication, seamless relationships between three different aspects of the architectural process: generation, simulation and construction, with the intent of exploiting the expressive and tectonic potential of D-Shape technology for underwater reef formations as a design response to coastal erosion. Starting from a … Read More