RESHAPE17 | Wearable Technology competition programmable skins

March 31, 2017By Francesco CingolaniEvents, New Materials No Comments

For the 2017 edition, Reshape wants to support the use and adoption of Additive & Advanced Manufacturing Technologies by promoting the interaction between top users with manufacturers and service providers by sharing success stories and technological needs and limitations and held in Barcelona between the 3rd and 5th of October 2017. Reshape17 competition is organized by … Read More

4D Printing: Shapeshifting Architectures

March 29, 2016By Francesco Cingolani3D Printing, Biodesign, New Materials No Comments

A team at the Wyss Institute and Harvard SEAS has developed a new microscale printing method to create transformable objects. These “4D-printed” objects go a step beyond 3D printing to incorporate a fourth dimension–time. The method was inspired by the way plants change shape over time in response to environmental stimuli. This orchid-shaped structure is … Read More

Using computer algorithms in design is like “sculpting with a new material”

December 28, 2015By Alessandro CarabiniComputational Design, Digital Manufacturing, New Materials No Comments

Alessandro Zomparelli of Italian design studio MHOX, which produces customised 3D-printed fashion accessories, says designing with computer algorithms is like exploring a new material. “It’s exciting to be a designer today, because we have digital tools that allow us to create something incredible,” Zomparelli says in the the movie, which was filmed by Dezeen at … Read More