Talk “BIM and COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN Vol.3: Towards convergence?”

March 5, 2018By Oceane EkraComputational Design, Events, Robotics No Comments

What is BIM, What is Computational Design, What is Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and what is Design by Data ? Welcome to the third edition of this open debate around the evolution of creative practices and their impact on design, manufacture and building. This year, the talk BIM et Computational Design will highlight the relationship between designers and … Read More

Robotics and architecture – SETEC

October 3, 2017By Oceane EkraDigital Manufacturing, Robotics No Comments

Audrey Zonco and Aymeric Perret-du-Cray, two engineers at Setec group present on this video, the contribution of robotics in architecture and construction. This reflection took place in the context of Setec Innovation competition where they won the “Vision of Future Award” prize for their project entitled “Robots on our construction sites, for the engineering of construction … Read More

Breaking news / workshop by the androgynous New-Territories

September 2, 2016By Francesco Cingolani3D Printing, Computational Design, Digital Arts, Digital Manufacturing, Robotics, Workshops No Comments

Within the context of DESIGN by DATA Advanced Master opening next week in Paris, we are honoured to announce one of the most prestigious events of our DESIGN by DATA OFF program : The Shadows ROOM / workshop by the androgynous New-Territories (with F. Roche as his-her personal secretary) at FRAC Orléans   For more information … Read More

ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2015-16

July 21, 2016By Stephanie LenneArchitecture, Biodesign, Computational Design, Robotics No Comments

ICD/ITKE RESEARCH PAVILION 2015-16 – STUTTGART 2016 Institute for Computational Design (ICD) – Prof. Achim Menges Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Knippers University of Stuttgart – Faculty for Architecture and Urban Planning The Institute for Computational Design (ICD) and the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) … Read More

RobArch 2016 Video Submission

June 24, 2016By Stephanie LenneRobotics No Comments

Every two years, as part of the Rob|Arch conference on robotic fabrication in architecture, art, and design, the Association for Robots in Architecture sends out a Call for Videos. The videos in this collection represent the best videos submitted in 2016 and were displayed publicly at Rob|Arch 2016 in Sydney, Australia! See the Rob|Arch 2016 … Read More

Replay Conference n°3 @ La Gaîté Lyrique with special guest Philippe Morel

June 6, 2016By Stephanie Lenne3D Printing, Digital Manufacturing, Robotics No Comments

The stakes of large scale 3D printing If 3D printing – or additive manufacturing – represents a set of mature technologies in many industries now it still remains new and it keeps growing. For it, maturity does not mean stopping its growth, and even less the beginning of the decline. Whether in medicine or aviation … Read More

CO-DE-IT Informed Clay for Rob Arch 2016

May 13, 2016By Stephanie Lenne3D Printing, Digital Manufacturing, Robotics No Comments

A quick recap of CO-DE-IT informing matter experiments serie – exploring the possibilities of clay extrusion from a robotic arm via Grasshopper for Rhino Alessio Erioli and Andrea Graziano both co-founders of CO-DE-IT will be teaching in the DESIGN by DATA Advanced Master (starting next september in Paris). Follow for other related videos, pictures … Read More

Mobile Robotic Fabrication System for Filament Structures | ITECH

March 24, 2016By Stephanie LenneDigital Manufacturing, Robotics No Comments

Mobile Robotic Fabrication System for Filament Structures Maria Yablonina Inst. for Computational Design (Prof. Menges) Inst. of Building Structures & Structural Design (Prof. Knippers) Thesis Advisors: Ehsan Baharlou, Marshall Prado, Tobias Schwinn, Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Achim Menges Second Supervisor: Prof. Jan Knippers The project Mobile Robotic Fabrication System for Filament Structures, developed by ITECH graduate … Read More

AADRL Spyropoulos Design Lab Project XO In Process

January 12, 2016By Alessandro CarabiniRobotics No Comments

Spyropoulos Design Lab continues its research on mobile, self-aware and assembled systems. This years emphasis pushes our hybrid soft robotic behavioural prototypes and evolutionary computational taxonomies. AADRL Spyropoulos Design Lab Project: XO Tutors: Theodore Spyropoulos, Mostafa El Sayed, Apostolis Despotidis Students: Aleksandar Bursac, Suzan Ibrahim, Lisa Kuhnhausen, Georgia Tsoli