Exploring digital fabrication methods and computational design tools, we tried to combine two very different structures into a single hybrid form. On one side, we are considering free-form unreinforced stone vault and a composite gridshell structure that in opposition is characterized by its lightness and easy installation.

Addressing issues of expensive and complex temporary supports for first one, and covering and bracing for the latter, we have tried to give both structures a tailored role. The gridshell will first replace temporary supports, usually necessary for building masonry vault, and during the life of structure, they will act as reinforcement.

We hope to succeed in building a freeform stone vault without complex temporary supports and resulting in a vault that will perform much better structurally compared to unreinforced one.


Design by Data - Student Portfolio - M Babic

Mladen Babic

Currently, the Lead Architect in small architectural office on the coast of Montenegro.

Technology and computation enthusiast, an experienced architect and graduate from the Advanced Master Design by Data. Enjoyed learning and undertaking research in Paris with great people from all around the globe.

Interested in introducing old crafts and knowledge to digital methods and new technologies. Would like to have pet robots in near future.

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Design by Data - Student Portfolio - P Carneau

Paul Carneau

Structural engineer graduated from Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris. Worked on the construction and design of the Chernobyl Safe Confinement in Ukraine before joining Design by Data to develop innovative, ambitious and smart architecture and structures.

Joined the Navier Lab at ENPC as a PhD student to work on the development of concrete 3D printing and, specifically, the design modelisation and fabrication of printed cantilevers, bridges and vaults.

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"Stone Vault Gridshell - A Hybrid Structure" by Mladen Babic and Paul Carneau.