The visibility and the study of the audience in urban environment has been always a useful indicator for Real-State and advertising decisions between others. While traditionally this kind of analysis requires a fieldwork, or a huge computation times, in last decades the democratization of computational power have allowed to analyse the urban morphology to predict the people urban displacements providing indicators to help marketers optimize their locations decisions.

The objective of this research is to developpe a tool which allows measure the visibility and the audience for an urban element or location (buildings, façades, …) by the study of the visibility properties with a three-dimensional ray traced analysis and the audience by the last advances in Spatial Network Analysis.


Design by Data - Student Portfolio - A Cosido Lopez

Álvaro Cosidó López

Architect graduated from the Universidad Europea de Madrid and the Advanced Master Design by Data 2016/17 from the École des Ponts ParisTech. After an internship in Franck Boutté Consultants, a local engineering consultancy firm, Alvaro is currently occupying a position as a computational designer at ECHOES.PARIS, a young design engineering firm official partner of Design by Data, focuses on design computation and automation, with projects related to architectural and urban design, complex structures and digital fabrication.

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"Urban Data Analytics Application: Visibility & Audience By Spatial Networks Analysis" by Álvaro Cosidó López.