The amount of information produced by us humans and things is unimaginable, and with new emerging technologies it will only accumulate. The goal of this research is to show I select valuable data, and the ways I map things and phenomena into meaningful physical models with data as a material.

In this research, I focus on light, and I will try to intermediate this phenomenon into a physical model. Light will be collected with a hyperspectral camera, which images a spectral ban in a single point in space. So it means a higher information density and to embody this data with a 3D printer or other fabrication tools. In this paper I use an example Hyperspectral dataset from a Specim FX 10. I am going to create a narrative to visualise and materialise this dataset.


Design by Data - Student Portfolio - W el Allouche

Waèl el Allouche

Artist and Designer Wael el Allouche (TN/NL) graduated from the design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. He is interested in the way abstractions, such as Data and Algorithms, shape reality and vice versa. By digitizing phenomena and objects from the world around him he tries to understand them, before returning them to reality as reconstructions.

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"Ways Of Knowing" by Waèl el Allouche.